Audrey Knickerbocker

Senior Process Engineer
Audrey Knickerbocker

B Sc (Agricultural & Biological Eng, 2013)


MIEAust CPEng NER, RPEQ, AWA Water Quality Monitoring and Analysis Specialist Committee

Audrey has lead and delivered a significant number of client facing projects including design and implementation of management systems, commissioning and operations support, treatment plant investigation and optimisation, concept design preparation and water quality investigation.

She recently completed a secondment with a state-based regional rail operator developing and implementing a Drinking Water Management System (DWMS) as per the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG). The Client operates a fleet of intercity and intrastate coaches and trains and approximately 200 railway stations. Following a gap analysis that identified significant infrastructure and management system issues, Audrey led the transformation of their DWMS. This included $1.5m of infrastructure and business process changes and training for over 500 frontline staff.

Audrey also has commissioning and operational experience, having recommissioned two recycled water treatment plants in Victoria and more recently, as part of the recommissioning team for the Sydney Desalination Plant.

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