Bardia Solati

Senior Process Engineer
Bardia Solati

ME (Environmental) 2010
BE (Civil) 2007

Bardia is a senior process engineer with over 10 years’ diverse experience in the water and wastewater industry specialising in wastewater treatment process assessment, troubleshooting and optimisation as well as asset planning, concept design and business case development. 

His strength lies in the ability to work at the interface between strategic and operations staff to deliver economical, pragmatic and data-driven solutions to maximise the capacity and capability of the existing assets and minimise the environmental and public health risks. 

In his previous role, Bardia was the hands-on process support and optimisation lead for numerous STPs with a wide range of processes including primary treatment, conventional activated sludge, intermittently decanted aeration, MBR, oxidation ditch, advanced biological nutrient removal, chemical phosphorus removal, alkalinity adjustment, sludge handling, biosolids management, lagoons, odour treatment, and recycled water schemes. 

Bardia is experienced in asset planning and strategy, and has worked on a variety of compliance, improvement, renewal and growth projects as the business case and concept design developer and reviewer. He also has extensive experience in developing monitoring and control systems  as well as piping and instrumentation diagrams and control philosophies for several water and wastewater treatment plants. 

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