Atharv Kolhatkar

Graduate Process Engineer
Atharv Kolhatkar

ME (Environmental Science, 2017)

Atharv is a graduate process engineer with a background in Environmental and Civil Engineering. He has been involved in a variety of projects, providing support through data analysis, options investigation and preliminary concept drawings.

Atharv has undertaken several options investigations for new and upgraded water treatment plants, both for specific treatment processes (such as filtration) and for integration of additional or replacement treatment stages. He has also then been involved in subsequent project phases, assisting with concept design and developing budget cost estimates and tender documentation to progress preferred designs to construction.

Atharv brings his knowledge of civil engineering principles to process design and condition assessment projects, recently providing technical advice on concrete repair and preservation in relation to proposed maintenance and upgrade works.

Having briefly worked in the Indian wastewater industry, Atharv has a keen interest in wastewater treatment and recycled water usage optimisation.

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