Leonie Huxedurp

Principal Environmental Scientist & Policy Analyst
Leonie Huxedurp

ADipEnvCont (Land Management)

BSc (Biological Sciences)

GCertJourn (Journalism)

MAJ (Communications and Journalism)

MEL (Environmental Law)


AWA, IWA, IPART Panelist Water Licensing Audit & Technical Services (2009 & 2013)

Leonie is renowned for her experience in the Australian water industry providing consultancy services to water utilities and NSW state and local government organisations.

Leonie has a reputation for development of compliance tools for water recycling on behalf of regulatory agencies. She is highly sought after for her project management, communication, technical skills and policy understanding, particularly in relation to water recycling, selection of wastewater treatment processes, facilitating risk assessment workshops, preparing recycled water management plans and assessing regulatory compliance.

Leonie has a wealth of expertise in environmental impact assessments and best practice and legislative requirements for water utilities undertaking water and wastewater management projects. She is widely published in the field of biosolids, effluent management and water recycling and has presented internationally on these topics.