Thomas Armstrong

Process Engineer
Thomas Armstrong

BE (Chemical) 2020

Thomas is a process engineer with experience in water treatment, as well as previously in manufacturing. Thomas holds a BE in Chemical Engineering from the University of New South Wales.

In his time at CWT, Thomas has been involved with several projects involving on-site work such as jar testing for plant optimisation, pilot plant operations, as well as the development of operations manuals, and preparation of proposal/tender documentation. He has recently undertaken a 6-week secondment with Isaac Regional Council (QLD) where he was able to conduct on-site jar testing for the restart of a local water treatment plant. As part of the secondment, he also led an investigation into the performance of various spectrophotometers, through rigorous comparative testing. The work undertaken here is being used in the procurement of new equipment throughout the region.

Prior to joining CWT, Thomas gained practical, hands-on experience in the two years he spent in the manufacturing industry. As part of this role, his areas of focus were process troubleshooting, optimisation and operator training.

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