Willie Tang

Process Engineer
Willie Tang

PhD (Chemical Engineering) 2016

BE (Chemical) (Hons 1st Class) 2011

Willie is a process engineer with experience in water and wastewater treatment, and clean technology industry. He holds a PhD in from the University of Melbourne and a BE in Chemical Engineering (first class honours) from Monash University. 

Prior to joining CWT, Willie had worked as a process engineer in wastewater treatment, primarily focusing on site assessment, process optimisation, process commissioning and project management. He is a hands-on engineer, working with operators and management to provide value-added process improvements. Willie has experience in water quality monitoring and testing. His previous work involved remote monitoring and conducting jar testing (both on-site and in a laboratory) for clients in the meat, dairy and food industries.  

Willie also worked as a service engineer and an operator in wastewater treatment plants. This work involved maintenance, troubleshooting and training of operators. Prior to that, Willie worked in a Research Centre where he was responsible for developing adsorbent materials and process systems for gas separation applications.

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