Ryan Melville

Senior Research Scientist
Ryan Melville

ME (Environmental Engineering Management) 2007
BSc (Medical Microbiology and Immunology) 2003

Ryan brings rigorous scientific process to treatment plant design, optimisation and trouble shooting. He has extensive skills in simulating treatment plant processes through jar testing and pilot plant operations and is an experienced water quality analyst.

Ryan’s treatment process simulations have been integral in the development of concept designs for numerous WTPs, WWTPs, pilot plants and industrial facilities. With experience covering potable, wastewater, stormwater harvesting and mining industries, Ryan has written numerous reports recommending courses of action for process optimisation and treatment upgrades at sites across Australia.

Ryan has conducted laboratory and pilot research studies of organics formation and removal for water filtration plants and bore supplies. He has also provided training and demonstrations of jar testing and analytical measurement methods to upskill WTP operators. Ryan has close working relationships with several chemical and scientific equipment suppliers which he maintains to ensure he keeps abreast of process and technology developments in the industry.

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