Blackwater WTP Upgrades Assistance


CWT assisted Central Highlands Regional Council with the Blackwater WTP Upgrades project undertaken to address ongoing dirty water issues and customer complaints in the drinking water system.

Services Offered

  • Issues investigation for dirty water events
  • Technical advice on network flushing to remove accumulated sediments
  • Concept design for WTP improvements
  • Specification for significant WTP upgrades
  • Superintendence and meetings/ workshops facilitation for WTP upgrade
  • Review of design drawings, specifications
  • Review and oversight of process commissioning for new WTP components


Blackwater WTP had a history of manganese and organics in its raw water supply that was not adequately addressed by the treatment processes at the WTP. This had led to an ongoing stream of customer complaints and a local political issue regarding the quality of the treated water.


Based on typical source water quality in the area, options were evaluated for treating manganese and organics in order to provide the best balance of cost, treated water quality and operability. Upon completion of the assessment, the WTP was upgraded to include further treatment processes for manganese removal, including:

  • Oxidation with potassium permanganate
  • powdered activated carbon adsorption
  • pre-filter chlorine dosing to support a manganese oxide coated media process
  • improved coagulation with polymer dosing
  • filter refurbishment with dual media, new nozzles and underdrains
  • Control systems upgrade

CWT also assisted in directing network flushing to remove manganese particles accumulated in the reticulation.


CWT’s optimisation and WTP upgrade solutions provided the client with improved water quality outcomes, leading to increased customer satisfaction in line with their agreed levels of service.