Menindee WTP upgrade investigation and design


Essential Water invited CWT to investigate upgrade options for augmentation works at Menindee WTP. Upon determination of the optimal option, CWT provided technical specifications and tender documentation to support Essential Water in going to tender.

Services Offered

  • upgrade investigation
  • Source water quality analysis and jar testing
  • Determination of key design issues for new raw water source
  • Provision of cost estimates for preferred design
  • Hydraulic calculations for the supply system
  • Investigated into increasing capacity of Menindee WTP to supply a small town nearby.
  • Consideration of interim chemical shed options for use during upgrade works
  • Development of options to achieve treated water quality objectives
  • Technical specification for the preferred design


The failing Water Treatment Plant (WTP) required upgrades to ensure treated water quality and quantity could be achieved for the town of Menindee. The existing WTP had ageing equipment coming to the end of its useful life, with no redundancy in critical assets and limited capability to treat source water issues. In response to reduced water availability from the Darling River, Essential Water began sourcing water from Copi Hollow which required iron and manganese removal processes of which the current plant was incapable of providing. CWT also investigated the option of supplying treated water to Sunset Strip and thereby allowing Essential Water to decommission Sunset Strip WTP, which also required upgrades and extensive operator intervention.


CWT investigated options for upgrading the WTP taking into consideration cost, operability and meeting current and future treated water quality and quantity objectives. In consultation with the client, CWT then developed a concept design and technical specification for the preferred option. Various treatment processes were designed, including pre-treatment oxidation for removal of metals, activated carbon for algal management, a new package conventional treatment plant and treated water pipeline to Sunset Strip. Consideration was given to likely future microbial water quality targets when designing the final solution.


Together, CWT and Essential Water were able to ensure the townships of Menindee and Sunset Strip would continue to be supplied with drinking water that meets customer expectations in terms of quality and quantity, and regulatory requirements, while balancing cost, performance and risk.